About Us

Henna Canada is operated by an ICNHA certified natural henna artist, Lisa Spaulding.  

My goal is to provide you with safe, pure, high quality body art & natural hair dye supplies.  The type of professional quality you can't find in a retail store.  A bonus when Canadians order within Canada instead of from the USA or abroad: there's no worry about that precious henna powder being held in hot customs buildings for weeks, lowering your dye content!

I import powders soon after the crop is harvested and have the air mailed within days.  The henna powder is immediately moved to a deep freezer to maintain Lawson dye content; all other powders are stored in a cool, dark spot.

I hope to be able to provide all required tools for the amateur & professional henna artist alike as well as everything you need to switch to natural, chemical-free hair colour.  Please email is with any requests.  It can be a challenge to source out Canadian or American suppliers for products, but I am  diligent!

Henna Canada is a home based, one woman show with web help from her IT hubby. I thank you so much for your patience if it takes me a while to return calls or emails :)

Happy Henna'ing!


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