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For Gilding & Gliter aka Mica Tattoos & Glitter Tattoos!

This is a medical grade, water-based adhesive for the skin. It adheres for long periods without irritation. Laytex-free & safe for all skin including sensitive areas. It gives a strong bond and has high water resistance.
Liquid Adhesive v.s. Cream Adhesive:

Liquid Adhesive: has the consistency just a touch thicker than water. It's hard to work with until you get the hang it, but a 1oz bottle makes a LOT of designs.  Adhesive will dry totally flat on the skin.

Cream Adhesive: has the consistency of a thick cream, so it comes out of a cone more controled like working with henna.  WAY easier to use. SO much easier to use, but it's thickness means that more is being used per design, so 1oz of cream adhesive will be used up a lot faster than 1oz of liquid adhesive.  Cream adhesive doesn't dry totally flat on the skin, so it will retain a bit of a raised look & clients have to be more cautious not to knock it.

This product cannot be shipped when the tempurature is below freezing, so stock up between April & October!

For full instructions:

Liquid Acrylic Adhesive

Starting At:
$9.00 / 1oz


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