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Practice applying henna without using up all of your professional grade powder.

Practice cones can have no stain, some stain or still stain pretty darn well. 
Sometimes an old package of henna is hidden in the bottom of the deep freezer. Sometimes powders are left out after taking photos. Once I take a henna cone out of the freezer for a client or event, I don't re-use it on another paying customer - those leftover cones i usually use in my hair or to henna myself... But i can only use up so much! 
*These are not to be used as professional henna - they will not be shipped frozen, overnight. Oil saparation is to be expected in old cones - just massage the cones for a while before opening to re-emulsify the paste & then drain for a minute onto paper towel until paste isn't runny.

Size: cones vary from 12 grams - 20 grams.

Practice Cone *may or may not* have: Jamila henna, Rajasthani henna, Real Lemon brand lemon juice, cajeput essential oil, apple juice, cassia powder

Practice Henna Cone

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$1.50 / 1each


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