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Ah, shipping... Always an interesting topic in Canada....

I am currently using Canada Post for shipping.  I ship expedited, so it should only take 1 - 3 days in Ontario, 2 - 3 days for Quebec & Manitoba, 3-5 days for the other provinces, longer for the territories.  In a hurry & want your order shipped priority?  Let me know & we can make it happen.

 You will receive an automated email with your tracking number after I've shipped your order - if for some reason it didn't send & you want the number to track your package, just email me & I'll send it to you.

 I know Canada Post doesn't sound glamorous, but right now it's the most cost effective option for my customers & time saving option for me. (Really FedEx & UPS?  You'll be by anywhere from 8:30 am - 3pm to pick up packages? How convenient!)
I don't add any extra fees to the shipping price - your fee is what Canada Post charges me :)  

If you're wondering how much shipping will cost before you place your order, it's really easy. Just begin the checkout process by entering your shipping information, then click on 'calculate shipping'.  No need to move onto payment before knowing your shipping price.  Just be sure that your full shipping address is entered typo-free or Canada Post will send you a calculation error email (which i'm positive comes with a mocking sneer...).

Canada Post bases the shipping price on the size & weight of the package.
Here are the money saving deets:
There is a starting base rate that changes depending on the destination.  I find that this base rate goes from 100g - 600g of powder. Which means that if you live in Toronto, shipping will start at $9.50 whether you've bought 100g of powder or 600g.  So it really saves you money on price of shipping per amount of product when you buy more at once to stalk up.
The price of shipping doesn't increase very much after 1 Kg of powder. For those of you who own salons, stalk up or buy with friends to save shipping fees, this is a real money saving tip.

A recent example:
A customer was going to buy just 300g of powder.  To Alberta, Canada Post was charging $18.14.  The customer ended up quadrupling their order (1.2Kg of powder), and the shipping only went up to $22.03.  Ordering 1.2Kg all at once instead of ordering 300g at a time, 4 times in a year, shaved them $50.53 in shipping!
I'm sorry to say that I don't have any free shipping deals at this time.  I'm not a fan of the psychological manipulation of marketing where I raise my product prices to cover the cost of shipping anyway, then use "free shipping" as a sales tactic.  I'm more of an upfront type of girl: offering the best possible price year round + the actual shipping fee.  It's just how I do ;)

Happy shopping  & happy henna'ing!


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