Eyebrows & Lashes

Eyebrows & Lashes

Can you henna your eyebrows?

Can you henna your eyelashes?

Well technically, eyelashes are still hairs that henna can bind to. But should you put unsterilized botanical mud that has been mixed with lemon juice or vinegar sit for hours anywhere close to your eyes? No, not a good idea.
Please, don’t trust the “henna eyelash/ eyebrow tinting” that is offered in salons. Even if it’s an “Eco” or “Natural” salon. It’s not henna! It’s the same PPD chemical dye that’s used as “black henna” – you know, the illegal stuff to use in Canada because it’s so toxic?
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So, let’s go back to the totally doable eyebrows 😊

Eyebrows are coloured the exact same way as the head on your hair (or other parts of your body – I’m not judging!).

If you’ve never henna’ed your hair before, here are the how-to links:

The only difference is that you’ll have to be more careful about not letting the henna paste stain on the surrounding skin.
So this is how I do it:
I prefer to apply with a cone – it’s much cleaner. I outline my eyebrows staying *within* the hair line. Ie: the paste is touching the very outside edge of the hair line, but not outside of the eyebrow altogether. Then I use the tip of my cone like an eyebrow pencil and feather from bottom to top to fill in under my hairs in my eyebrow. (I have very sparse eyebrows, so I fill in under them first, staining the skin). Then I push the hair down into the paste I laid underneath the brows. Then I add more paste over the brows to make sure no hair is exposed.
If you want to use a brush:
Use a very stiff, short eyeshadow brush. Angled is helpful.
As soon as you make a mistake or are finished, do any clean up needed with a damp Q-tip.
I don’t cover my eyebrows with plastic wrap as the head should be covered. Any time I attempted to, the paste bled & made a streaky stain mess around the brows. Instead, I just make sure that the paste stays moist by:
a) doing a non-drippy workout or cleaning the house fast enough to get hot
b) misting the paste periodically – but it has to be a super fine mister and not enough to cause drips
c) dabbing paste with a wet cotton pad.
d) gardening in the back yard on a hot summer day.

Yes, your skin will stain.
This is the tricky colour choice part.

The skin on the face is very thin. That means that the henna doesn’t stain dark & the stain doesn’t last very long.

Red Hair:
If you want pure henna red eyebrows to match your henna’ed red hair, your skin under your eyebrows (hopefully not *around* your eyebrows because you cleaned it up so well) will be VERY orange for a few days. Not red like your hair. ORANGE.
If you have blonde hair that you’ve henna’ed red & want to colour your eyebrows to match, keep in mind that eyebrows tend to be lighter in colour for blondes (same is true for natural strawberry blondes & some redheads). You will need a darker colour mix than you use on your head. Ex: My natural hair colour is a medium honey blonde, but my eyebrows were white blonde (I looked like a troll doll). Pure henna on my head gives me a rich, dark red, but if I use pure henna on my eyebrows, they will be a bright orange. We’re talking clown face orange. So if I wanted red eyebrows, I would actually do an auburn or auburn-brown mix on my eyebrows. (But I’m an extroverted eccentric, so I just go black 😉).
**Remember: Just like with body art & the hair on your head, it will take 2 days for the henna dye on the eyebrows to oxidize to the final colour. So, for the first 12 hours after dyeing your eyebrows, they may be bright orange (as will be the skin).

Auburns & Browns:
That oxidation rule above still applies: for the first 12 hours after dyeing your eyebrows, they may be bright orange (as will be the skin). The brown might not appear until the 48 hours are up. You could have variations of orange – red - auburn in the meantime. It’s way more obvious than with the hair on your head 😊 For browns, the skin under your eyebrows will eventually darken to a cool brownish colour (works like an eyebrow pencil), but it will only be there for another day or 2.

Moral of this part of the story:
Henna your eyebrows when you have the most private oxidation time. Ex: If you don’t have to go out Sunday, henna Saturday night so that oxidation is complete by Monday morning. Of course, you can always use makeup to darken the browns until the orange is oxidized 😊

My fav. is the 2 step black process. Colour is final right away and I don’t have to fill in my eyebrows with a pencil for 3 – 4 days. I have succeeded in getting a dark brown instead of jet black by only keeping the indigo on for 20 minutes instead of an hour.

Using henna to create “tattooed eyebrows”
If you haven’t had henna body art before & found this article specifically searching for hennaing your skin to make eyebrows, here are the facts:
- Henna stains the skin on the face a very light orange. (Because the skin is thin). It won’t stain the dark red-browns & deep auburns you see on the hands or feet.
- The henna paste needs to be on the skin for hours
- The henna stain will only last 2 – 3 days on the face.
So you’d have to be re-drawing your eyebrows in henna every other day.
Can you mix henna with the indigo to stain a darker colour? If you have dark skin, yes. If you have fair skin, yes, but it’s not a nice colour. When using henna + indigo on eyebrow hair, then skin that is stained underneath is hidden by the eyebrows that are a nice, normal looking hair colour – so the weird skin colour doesn’t look weird. But it is. Trust me.
Moral of this part of the story:
If you want to try, go for it! But now you know that the henna eyebrows will only last 2 – 3 days 😊

Using henna over tattooed eyebrows:
I had a very stressed out woman call me in desperation for a fix. Having very thin, sparse eyebrows, she decided to have cosmetic tattooing done to fill them in. As with all ink tattoos, the ink eventually blows out & fades. In her case, her perfectly coloured brown ink eyebrows had turned into a greyish green. She had them touched up as many times as is possible… Of course, they just did the same ink fade every time. For a few years she was using an eyebrow pencil to colour over the ink for a normal dark brown colour. But, this meant running to a bathroom to touch up or re-apply every time she touched around her eyes or she was sweaty. She heard of henna and hoped it would work. I warned her that henna stains only a light orange on the thin skin of the face, so I don’t know if it will work… But it did! The orange henna stain over the greenish ink tattoo = a brown colour. Yes, she had to reapply the henna for 4 hours every other night before bed, but apparently that was better than having to touch up makeup every few hours.

I hope this has helped!
As always,
Happy Henna’ing!

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