Latin Name:  Zizyphus spina-Christi

Family:  Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn)

Part Used:  Leaves

Crop: 2017

Active Ingredient:  Condensed tannins and four saponin glycosides

Product Details:  100% pure Zizyphus spina-Christ, free of preservatives or additives. This product is certified organic, following the  Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants published by the World Health Organization. It is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, it is not irradiated or genetic engineered (GMOs). The powder comes in airtight, 100g vacuum sealed packages.

Benefits:  Zizyphus was used to wash the hair before shampoo was concocted. It conditions the hair like henna & cassia, but without the colour.  It will make hair thicker & shiny.

Application: Mix about 2 - 3 tablespoons of Zizyphus Spina Christi with enough pure water to make a paste the consistency of yogurt, then let it sit for 2 hours.  Massage into scalp & apply thoroughly to sectioned hair. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse well.  

Disclaimer:  Always do a test patch first.  There is a change of sensitivity if you have a latex allergy.  If you have chemically treated hair, collect hair from your brush and test first.

Storage: Store powder in a cool, dark place.

Zizyphus Spina Christi

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