Organic Shikakai Powder

Organic Shikakai Powder

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A natural shampoo alternative
2020 harvest
Certified Organic
Vacuum sealed and foil wrapped
Individually packaged 100g amounts.

Latin Name: Acacia concinna
Family: Fabaceae (legume)
Part Used: Pods

Active Ingredient: Saponins

Product Details: 100% pure Shikakai Pod Powder, free of preservatives or additives. This product is certified organic, following the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants published by the World Health Organization. It is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, it is not irradiated or genetic engineered (GMOs). The powder comes in airtight, 100g vacuum sealed packages.

Benefits: Shikakai was used to wash the hair before shampoo was concocted. It has a low pH that won't strip the hair of natural oils.

Downsides: Shikakai can stain very light blond / white hair a dirty shade & it's a potent marine toxin (kills fish). Please don't use Shikakai when camping / washing in a body of water.

Application: There are 3 typical ways to use Shikakai:
1 - mix 1 - 3 Tbs. of shikakai powder with enough liquid to make a paste, let sit for an hour, then massage paste into your scalp for a few minutes, rinse.
2 - make paste but coat all of your hair as a hair mask instead of just using it on your scalp, let sit a few minutes, rinse
3- mix 1 - 3 Tbs. of shikakai powder with 1 cup of water or herbal tea, let it steep for 1 - 5 hours. Massage liquid into wet hair & scalp, let sit a few minutes, rinse.

Disclaimer: Always do a test patch first - anyone can be allergic to a natural plant.

Storage: Store powder in a cool, dark place.