Please call or email:

Reminder: I work from home & the above number is a land line. Yep, a land line. So please call between 9am - 7pm EST. 
This is going to blow some millennial minds, but i'm old school: I work from a desktop computer & landline phone. I don't have a cell phone. Which means that as a self employed, one woman show, I cannot provide 24/7 customer service. Leave a message or email me (best) and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you try to contact me via social media, i won't know until it's too late. Facebook is terrible - sometimes i don't get notification of a message until 6 months later!

For the love of all that is common sense, If you are experiencing an bad reaction to any products, (rare, but allergies to natural things happen!) please WASH OFF the offending product before trying to contact me about the reaction!

I might not check emails or messages on holidays. This lady needs some down time, just like you ;)