100% Natural, Fresh, & Dark Staining Henna Cones (5)

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Sold in groups of 5 (Guaranteed 20g of henna powder used)
Henna Canada takes pride in producing 100% natural, quality henna cones. Made with Jamila henna, they have a creamy consistency, perfect for beginners. Made fresh to order, you can choose your preferred essential oil: (see below)

Each cone can make ~3 full hand designs.
If for some reason my cones were rolled a little thin, I will add more cones to use up all of the paste.
Cello wrap colour may vary.
Ingredients: Lawsonia Inermis (Henna Powder), Lemon Juice, Sugar & Essential oil of your choosing.
Cones must be stored in the freezer & are good for up to 6 months when frozen.
Orders will be shipped with information to care for your paste.

Henna is a perishable product:  it's only a good option for a 2 day delivery radius from Collingwood, Ontario.
It is not ideal to ship natural, pure henna cones as they should be kept frozen. Up until the Covid pandemic, i didn't ship pre-made cones at all, but it was is demand during lockdowns, so i gave in.  So to offer henna pre-made cones the best way possible, orders with henna cones will only be shipped on Mondays. I will make your paste right before shipping so that the 24 hr dye release process happens during shipping time. If the paste is a little separated when your cones arrive, massage the cones gently to re-combine the paste, then immediately store in the freezer ;)

Why can Amazon & other online stores ship cones anywhere no problem?
What they are selling isn't real henna paste. It's chemical dyes in preservative-heavy bases - just like boxed hair dye.
My cones are 100% pure & natural, so they go bad quickly when not frozen. (Ie: the natural dye demises & won't stain the skin well after a few days).
If you live outside of southern & central Ontario, I recommend getting a henna kit & learning how to make your own paste ;)
In the "Special instructions for seller" box that comes up when you add to cart, please let me know what type essential oil you'd like (choosing from lavender 40/42, cajeput, tea tree, eucalyptus & petitegrain).

We do not accept refunds as henna is a perishable item. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message.

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Henna Cones

Excellent product. Arrived promptly with instructions for storage. Still using them 6 months later as a result.