Copper Hair Kit

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Not sure what to do and a kit sounds like a good idea?  I have you covered ;)

Natural hair dyes are translucent, so the final colour will depend on the starting hair colour.
This kit should:
- white hair: create a brassy strawberry blonde
- blonde hair: a more natural copper strawberry blonde
- light brown: may see some copper highlights in the sun
- darker hair: colour won't be visible, but it's a fabulous conditioner!

* Cassia can not lighten hair colour
** Cassia is not permanent - it washes out after 3 weeks
*** Since this is a Cassia dominant powder ratio, there will most likely be colour       changes after 3 weeks. There is a chance that the henna will hold, but the cassia wash out. I recommend only doing root touch-ups to avoid the length of the hair getting too strawberry. As everyone's hair behaves a little differently, this will take experimentation on your part.

In the "Special instructions for seller" box that comes up when you add to cart, please let me know what type of henna (jamila or rajasthani).

Kit Contains:
* 200g Cassia
* 100g Henna - you choose the type!

* 12g citric acid
* piping bag
* latex-free gloves
* instructions

Reminder in case you didn’t read the cassia page information: if you have hard water, cassia can turn your hair greenish – brown – black. If there is a chance you have hard water high in zinc, TEST, TEST, TEST !  Wash hair first with a clarifying shampoo, rinse hair with distilled water.

Want to read instructions before your kit arrives?

Rajasthani vs Jamila henna:

Raj is very stringy - not suitable for kinky or super thick hair
Jamila is very creamy & easier to rinse out

How much do you need?
How much do you need?
1 kit = shoulder blade length hair
2 kits = waist length hair
** based on average hair & height. You may need more or less depending on the thickness & density of your hair