Pre-rolled Henna Cones

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Hand rolled cello cones, ready to use. 

Sold in groups of 10 & comes with a carrot bag to fill your cone with paste.  The colour & designs of the cello may change, but usually I use clear cello.

Close the top by folding down & taping or with a small rubber band. (Personally, I've always prefered taping my cone, then using a bulldog clip as the top is rolled down).

My cones are medium size, round 6 inches long and hold 15g - 20g paste.
Colour / design of cello will vary (i most often use clear). Though i try to be consistent when rolling, please note that size may vary with hand rolling. 

I don't use pins at the bottom of my cones - besides the safety liability, i like to control the size of my cone openings. I use nail clippers to cut my tips open.

Cones might be a little flattened during shipping ;)