Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder

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2023 Crop
Body Art Quality
Certified Organic
Vacuum sealed and foil wrapped
Individually packaged 100g amounts.

Application: Please follow the instructions linked in the menu bar.

Rajasthani Henna has a stringy consistency - perfect for draping lines.
(Jamila is creamy - perfect for dots).
Stringy texture doesn't require as much sugar in the paste
With proper dye released & aftercare, will give a dark black-cherry on the fingertips & palms of most people.  

Latin Name: Lawsonia inermis
Common Name: Henna
Part Used: Leaves

Active Ingredient: Lawsone (2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone), an hennotannic acid.

Product Details: 100% pure Henna. free of preservatives or additives. This product is certified organic, following the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants published by the World Health Organization. It is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, metallic salts, chemical dyes, adulterants; it is not irradiated or genetic engineered (GMOs). The powder comes in airtight, 100g vacuum sealed packages.

The lawsone in henna is a red - orange molecule which binds with the collagen in the skin, keratin in the nails & hair. A permanent dye when used correctly, the body art is temporary because we shed or dead skin calls, but the stain will be permanent on the nails.
Benefits: hennotannic acid is a strong anti-fungal, making henna effective against ringworm, nail fungus, eczema & psoriasis symptoms. Of course, here I am obliged to state that only a physician can diagnose diseases and prescribe drugs. (Good thing pure, unprocessed plants are not a drug!).
A 20 minute application to the scalp 2 - 3 days a week can replace a chemical shampoo regiment for most people.

Disclaimer: For external use only. Do not use on cut or abraded scalp and in the area of the eye. Keep out of reach of children. Always test before using as per the instructions on this website.
Natural plant based dye is generally considered safe to use but allergic reactions are possible & it is advised to consult your physician if you have any questions about your health.

Henna powder must be stored in the freezer to maintain lawsone dye content.

Customer Reviews

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My first time making it and the instructions helped, I loved it

Bella Inotayeva
The best henna

I have been using henna for about 20 years. This is the best henna that I have ever used in my practice. Beautifully packed, arrived on time, and it's cheaper than at other competitors. Also the personal note inside the box was just so touching. I really appreciate it and thank you so very much!

Top Tier Henna & Top Tier Instructions

i’ve been using henna (and indigo from a different brand) to dye my hair for years now, and this is by far the best henna and directions on how to use it because Lisa knows what she’s talking about when she says how to prepare the henna. i have never had such an intense red from the henna (and i was a bit impatient and didn't even wait the full 12 hours of prep, but i’ll try that next time to see if it gets even better!) and i only used half acv and half water. it even evened out the purple streaks i got from the stuff i used before. the instructions to keep the henna in the freezer changed the game for me. i cannot recommend this enough!

Elizabeth Harvey
Best Henna

This is amazing henna. It's guaranteed pure and free of chemicals. As someone who is violently allergic to anything with PPD added, I am especially grateful to use a product I know is safe. It's always beautifully packaged and delivered with amazing promptness. The henna is fresh and of the highest quality. It is perfect for covering grey hair. Henna Canada is a fantastic resource!!


Le meilleur henné que j’ai jamais utilisé. Avec les huiles essentielles, la couleur est magnifique