Organic Indigo Powder

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Triple sifted
Vacuum sealed and foil wrapped
Individually packaged 100g amounts.

Used in combination with henna and / or with cassia to create a variety of darker colours
Used alone indigo will dye blond hair an uneven combination of green / blue / violet
Usually permanent when used correctly with high quality henna on healthy hair

Colour varies depending on your original hair colour, but generally:

1 Indigo : 3 Henna = auburn
1 Indigo : 1 Henna = medium brown
2 Indigo : 1 Henna = dark brow
henna only, wash out - then indigo only, wash out = black

How to dye release Indigo:
Mix with the hottest tap water RIGHT BEFORE using it. (never dye release with an acidic liquid).  Don't mix with water & let it sit to dye release - if you do, the indigofera will be oxidized & won't bind to the hair permanently. 
Indigo paste must be applied *within* 20 minutes of mixing it. If you've read instructions elsewhere that says to let the indigo dye release for 20 minutes before applying, ignore it!
So don’t mix up your indigo until you are completely ready with everything else (henna ready, gloves on, chopstick or comb to separate hair & no distractions). 
Add enough hot water to make a thick paste that won't run (like cake frosting or guacamole).
For full instructions, do here: How to henna your hair

How much you'll need (total powders for your colour desire):
50g = root colouring
100g = short hair
200g = collar length hair
300g = shoulder length hair
500g = waist length hair

Latin Name: Indigofera tinctoria
Common Name: Common Indigo, Indian Indigo
Part Used: Leaves
Active Ingredient: Indigotin

Product Details: 100% pure, partially fermented Indigo leaf powder, free of preservatives or additives. This product is certified organic, following the  Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants published by the World Health Organization. It is free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, metallic salts, chemical dyes, adulterants; it is not  irradiated or genetic engineered (GMOs). The powder comes in airtight, 100g vacuum sealed packages.

Benefits: Indigo is a source of blue dye. When fermented, enzymic hydrolysis transforms indican into indoxyl and glucose. When oxidized, indoxyl molecules form the blue Indigotin dye.
On its own, Indigo will turn light coloured hair a greenish to bluish colour, but not really show up on dark hair.
When mixed with henna in different ratios, indigo will help achieve deep auburns, browns and pure black.

Disclaimer: For external use only. Do not use on cut or abraded scalp and in the area of the eye. Keep out of reach of children. Always collect hair from your brush as do a test before using henna & indigo, as well as a small test patch on the scalp.

Natural plant based dye is generally considered safe to use but it is advised to consult your physician if you have any questions about your health.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. DO NOT FREEZE INDIGO!

Customer Reviews

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Shaima Islam
Back to Black Hair

So happy to finally find a Canadian seller for Henna products. I've used the Organic Indigo Powder in combination with another brand of Henna, and I love the results for my dark hair; so happy to get rid of my stubborn greys again. I can't wait to try the Rajasthani Henna in combination next.

The best Indigo I’ve ever used in my life

they say that indigo doesn’t give great grey coverage… they must not have tried this one. i didn’t have any visible greys after one application of properly using this amazing indigo on top of the henna to get black hair. my jaw was on the floor. i literally just finished dying my hair and i had to write this review because i’m so impressed. i have struggled for years to get this kind of dye job. i’ve had to do 2-3 applications of other brands to get this quality. you will not be disappointed if you follow the directions. honestly wow.

Vicky Wang
Great customer service

Lisa is a so helpful person. She teaches me how to dye my hair with henna in correct way in details. I tried Lisa’s henna and turned out great result. Highly recommend to ppl who want to try henna

Andrea Dragani
Best shop for Henna!!!

Great henna products from a real person who informs her customers in an honest and truthful manner.

Anne-Marie Labonté
I love this indigo so much!

I am so happy that I discovered Henna Canada and Lisa's expertise. I use the indigo in the two-steps method and it gives a rich dark color and I never have to worry about the quality (not like with other providers I have had in the past). Everything at Henna Canada, including the service and shipping, is always top quality!