Silver Glitter

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Color may appear different than actual colour as computer monitors vary. Please use the color swatches as a guideline only. If you need your glitter to be a specific colour, please order the sample size as glitter is not returnable. 

An opaque & solid silver. Cosmetic grade, polyester, hexagonally shaped particles sized .008 hex.  Can be used for glitter tattoos, face & body painting, glitter eyeliner, and nail polish.

 I package by weight, not volume, so you always get what you pay for!
Packaged by:
10g poof bottle
Loose powders in resealable bags

How to use glitter for body art:
1 - with a poof bottle, glitter can be poofed on wet henna to make the paste sparkle. (But make sure the client knows that they can't have tape sealant over the glitter!)
2 - mix glitter with hair gel / cosmetic gel of choice, fill a cone & draw your design as you would with henna paste. This Glitter "Gilding" will wash off. 
3 - draw design with our medical grade Acrylic Adhesive, wait for the adhesive to dry just until it's clear, then dust with glitter using a small paint brush. This Glitter Tattoo will be waterproof & last 1 - 5 days.
4 - keep a poof bottle in your pocket & poof people who say stupid things.  *Warning: this could deemed as assault & lead to arrest. I prefer to ask people if i can glitter them first, because they don't think you actually will. Police at festivals don't realize  that the glitter will never fully wash out of their uniforms ;)