I.D. Bracelet

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This is a totally customizable chain ID bracelet modeled by Oatie the quaker & (horribly by) Lilly the pionus parrots.

The ID tag to be stamped is 2" x 3/8th" & the chain is 1/4 inch wide.
Each letter is individually hand stamped, an imperfect process that produces so much character. Impressions are rustic, letters will not be perfectly aligned or spaced. It's this hand stamping unpredictability that makes each piece so unique and one of a kind.

All of my aluminum jewelry is made with pure 1100 aluminum, which is parrot safe, food safe & safe on your skin. It won't tarnish, rust or mark your skin. Its a safer & more affordable alternative to sterling silver. The chain is stainless steel, the jump rings & hand made clasp are food grade stainless steel.

In the "Special instructions for seller" box that comes up when you add to cart, please let me know what you would like stamped on the cuff, how long you'd like the bracelet to be & which stamp font (see picture) you'd like.
- I cannot put accent marks over letters. If you would like a heart, please signify it like this: <3 ... For example: I <3 you