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Real soap. Handmade using oils & butters that moisturize; pure essential oils for a safe fragrance. Vegan. Palm-free. Natural. Biodegradable.
Bars are over 5oz each.

I have extremely dry, sensitive skin & couldn't find a soap that didn't make me feel itchy & irritated. Solution? Make my own! And so it began in 2006.

Heavy in soft oils & rich butters, my soap creates a medium lather (which my husband swears by for shaving!). Gentle enough for most to use it on their face.

I hot processes for a lower pH that's closer to the skin's natural pH.

Biodegradable, you can feel good about this soap rinsing down the drain. It's safe for the environment & wildlife ;)

The upside of real, natural soap that's important for bird owners? No toxic chemical residue stuck to the skin & no toxic synthetic fragrances reaching your kid's lungs ;)

Pretty, Eco friendly packaging!
Your order is packaged with recyclable material and shipped in a crush-proof box.

Do you have a feather baby? Let me know in the notes to seller!

Sunflower oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, candelilla wax, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), Australian ivory clay, pink kaolin clay,  lavender essential oil, naturally coloured with alkanet root, indigo & titanium dioxide

Note: natural soap has a tendency to melt away if left in a pool of water. Storing it on a wire soap holder away from the shower stream is advised.

If you have any adverse / allergic reactions, stop using product immediately. I've never known it to happen, but it's said to cover my FeatherWhipped booty ;)