Mica Tattoo Kit (Gilding)

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Everything you need to make mica tattoos in a cute kit bag for yourself or to give as a gift!  This kit can easily create hundreds of small tattoos or dozens of large body art pieces.

* All 8 colours of mica in 10g shaker jars
* 1oz of liquid acrylic adhesive (that's a LOT of body art!)
* 10 rolled cello cones for freehand body art
* glue Wand for easy application
* small brush for mica application
* big poofy brush for clean up
* 10 alcohol swabs
* instructions

For using mica as gilding (freehand drawing with a cone henna-style), I highly recommend mixing the liquid adhesive glue with the cream adhesive.
On it's own, liquid adhesive has the thin consistency of water; so the tiniest whole needs to be cut in your cone, which will glue itself closed over & over.
Adding 50% cream adhesive will have a more controllable consistency closer to henna  paste & the cone won't glue itself closed as quickly.

** Acrylic Adhesive cannot be shipped once the weather drops to freezing! So order while it's warm outside