Skin Care

For decades I've been making my own 100% natural skin care products. It was born of necessity as I have very dry, sensitive skin.
In 2006, (the same time I went professional with henna) I decided to make it another artsy side business. I sold my handmade goodness under the name 'Skin Treats' at local farmers markets, festivals & shows. 
After some years, I decided that when it came to the challenging world of show vending, I by far preferred henna body art! 
Someone fell in love with my products & asked to buy my recipes. To me, that was a win-win - the recipes I was proud of wouldn't fade away, but I no longer had to lug heavy bins of soaps, balms, salves & more to events... LOL

Of course, I continued to make my own personal products. As all of my long time henna customers know, my parrot children rule my life, so over the years as more research was made into parrot care & safety, I learned that many of the ingredients I used to use were actually unhealthy for the birds, should they ingest some of it.
I kept adapting what I made for myself to be safe for my parrots & now have decided to once again make my favorite essentials available for everyone :)

100% natural. Handmade. Raw, pure ingredients. Real soap. For you!