Long Back Square Spiral Studs

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Finding a solution to a bird owner wanting to wear small stud earrings without the backs being pulled off, lost or choked on - FeatherWhipped introduces the long backed stud!

These small spiral squares measure 7mm (~1/2") across with the back length of 16mm (5/8"). The face is hammered for strength & texture.  Funky in style, the square will never be identical!
If you would like the back to be even longer or the squares to be larger, let me know & i'll make it happen ;)  
All stud earrings are hand shaped for a unique finish so variations will occur. Which is great because that means no one will have a pair just like you! Made from parrot safe* food grade stainless steel wire. Free from heavy metals & potential toxins to your birds; hypoallergenic for the humans.

*** Parrot safe does not mean parrot-proof: strong beaks can still damage FeatherWhipped handmade jewelry... They just won't get heavy metal toxicity while doing it ;) The same potential injury & choking hazard applied if your bird plays with this jewelry. This is not a parrot toy :)

Did you know?
Companion parrots often die from heavy metal toxicity due to playing with jewelry. It's known that costume jewelry can be high enough in lead & cadmium to be toxic to children, but in my research I discovered that even high quality jewelry components are full of zinc, copper, lead & tin. Most jewelry components are brought in from China with no MSDS sheets (or even manufacturing company name!) to check what is in the material. Even with 304 and 316 stainless steel parts!
I spent an entire year sourcing out 304 stainless steel and food grade aluminum made in north america with MSDS sheets to confirm they they were pure, clean & safe to protect my flock and yours :)